Wednesday, June 12, 2013

iPad Display DIY courtesy of Shanty-2-Chic

Did any of you see the great DIY gift idea over at Shanty-2-Chic

I LOVED it!  An iPad display aka: Keep your IPad out of the way but visible while you do stuff.


In fact I have enjoyed their blog for a few years now, it was one of the first ones I got hooked on before I even tried my hand at blogging back in 2010.

I immediately was smitten, they were into TOOLS and building things.

They provide easy instructions so I do not have to think…a plus…and they keep coming up with things I have on my to do list.

Just recently they showed a DIY for a hose holder, a nice drink cooler, some really cool tables and, and…

…well the list goes on.

Soooo.. that being said you must pop on over and see what goodies they have for you.

And without much further ado….

here is my version of the iPad Display…I had such visions in my head…


and yet I must admit it did not turn out the way I thought.   I think they turned out too busy..


and if you look close you will see I got the dimensions wrong  on two of them.


1st faux pas….can you see on the Rose display above…..the front is taller than it should be..I still can’t figure out how I did that…


and now look close at the photo above…

the center display is narrower..I did not do that on purpose either, I just had turned it sideways. 

Did I mention sometimes I don’t think??? 

And yet I still had fun with these.  I used chalkboard paint for the background (so you can write love notes when no iPad is present) then added the decorative painting. 

Now, if mine can turn out despite my obvious struggle to pay proper attention then certainly this project is a breeze for someone who can keep their wits about them. 

Now to make it more manly for dad’s, paint sports motifs or just stain it like the gals over at Shanty-2-Chic did. 

It is a perfect holder to keep the iPad from getting buried under the piles in the Man Cave, don’t ya think???

Do visit the ladies over at Shanty, you will be glad you did. 


Ta ta…happy building.



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