Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Earth Laughs in Flowers

I may have mentioned this before…

and most likely will do so again,


….and again.

I love this time of year!

asiatic lily

I wait all winter for my garden to awaken. 

It is a treat well worth waiting for.


A few moments in the garden bring me a sense of peace in a crazy daisy world.

clematis on rose

I start my day with a hot, fresh brewed cup of coffee in one hand and my camera in the other.

So I can share…


The robins are here, bright and early, snitching strawberries. 

Strawberries I have let roam as ground cover wherever they please. 

glamis castle rose

They are tucked beneath roses, along walkways and hidden beneath over grown perennials.


They are a treat and I set my camera down to pick a few.

I actually do get some, even if the robins are making a feast of them.


I could be irritated that I lose most of the berries to the birds, but they are so comical as they wrestle with a berry that is nearly as big as their own heads….


…it makes me smile instead of annoyed.


Bumblebees are perched on blooms. 

Still and silent.

Strawberry Foxglove


The morning mountain air is still too chilly for them. 

They wait patiently for the suns warming rays to come over the trees.

Strawberry Foxglove1

I can’t say that I blame them…

40 degrees in June is just too cold. 

raspberry ripple

Even at night.

Warmer days and nights shall come…



At least that is what I tell myself as a shiver runs over me.  Brrr. 

How is your weather?

Are you sweltering as we still sweater up? Smile


I will look at the bright side…

at least it isn’t SNOWING!

Time to head to the studio and paint my day away…

I wish you sunshine and warm temps on this fine day. 



  1. Lovely pics! I really enjoyed the tour.. thanks, take care, Maryann

  2. Beautiful pictures! The colors are breathtaking! Makes me wish spring was a year-round season. Seeing flowers in bloom definitely makes all the hard work we put into a garden that much worth it. Thanks for sharing, Pamela! -Bethel @ Sollecito


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