Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to Paint Lilacs Fast and Easy!

lilacs tutorialWell, are you ready for a new fast and easy painting tutorial???
Complete with VIDEO!
  Last time I shared with you how to paint the roses on the sign...
rosesandlilacsbannerit has a video also.
Now I demo the lilacs.
painting lilacsI use a scruffy brush and start with pouncing on a conical shape in a darker color,
in this case Dioxinine Purple.
(a pattern packet with the entire design for the sign shown at the top of this post will be available soon)
As you can see, it is very dark.
Next you take your filbert brush or a small flat brush,
load with paint (you can double load or single, up to you)
lilac tutorial (5 of 9)and  stroke on the petals.
Press, drag and lift to a point to make a simple little 4 or 5 petal flower.
lilac tutorial (6 of 9)Just keep layering them on leaving some darker space showing.
Some flowers can be a mere 2 or 3 strokes to emulate a partial bud.
lilac tutorial (8 of 9)Add in a lighter color and stroke over some of the first flowers.
Fill in with flowers all the way to the tip.
lilac tutorial (9 of 9)Add the dots with a liner brush for the flower centers, and some little twiggy strokes.
You can get a better feel for it from the video.
  It is actually two videos made into one.
The first one I painted with a filbert brush and the second was with a #4 flat brush.
And just for fun,
here is an example of a sign painted with a different color of lilacs.
Paint Pink RosesIgnore the banner across the bottom,
this is the thumbnail for the rose painting tutorial.
I think next time I need to do a lesson on leaves.
What do you think?
I will share that as soon as possible..

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