Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Crochet Project list

easyflowers 012

I had such grand plans for a post tonight.  Things don’t always go as planned.

My next painting lesson was to be the topic, Easy 5 Petal flowers, but YouTube froze on me, forcing me to re-download the video.  At 245 minutes to download I figured I would be sound asleep by the time it is done.  If it does not freeze again. 
So I had thought to crochet, but that was put on hold as I developed a stiff neck while I ate dinner.  Where this has come from I do not know but it is painful.

I have taken a hot bath and am now lying abed with a hot rice sock on the offending muscles in high hopes of them loosening up enough to sleep tonight.

In the mean time I will share some crochet projects I would love to tackle this winter. (click on photo or name of project for link to source and pattern)

Wouldn’t this Sunburst Granny pattern make a lovely wrap? 

come to think of it, it is rather similar to the wrap I finished last Spring.  I have yet to share the finished product yet. I shall share that soon but for now back to my ‘to do’ crochet list.

This Rainbow blanket caught my eye.  I wonder if this could be modified into a scarf, it would certainly brighten up a dreary winter day. 

Rainbow Bobbles

I love the Daisies popping up on this Flower Garden Granny Square shoulder bag.

I am definitely going to invest in some Bernat cotton yarns in these colors below.  This is exactly the color scheme I am going with in my kitchen and these will be perfect for some decorations.  Much too pretty to scrub dishes with!

Pretty As a Picture Dishcloths

I spent a lovely afternoon in my garden, we had beautiful sunshine and near 80 degree temps.  But cooler weather is about to descend (like a 30 degree drop from today in the next few days)and instead of digging dirt I will be trudging thru snow for work. Crazy! (I won’t get snow at my house, thankfully, but I work up by the ski resort and they are predicted to get snow next week)

Colder weather always puts me in the mood to crochet, sew and switch up things in the house.  There is much to be done here that has been ignored for the summer so I could just enjoy being outside while the weather was warm but now it is time to focus on the inside.  Maybe I will start with some of these dishcloths for my kitchen.  Maybe crochet some edgings on some dishtowels to match.  Hmmm, the possibilities…

Well, I hope tomorrow to post the next episode of Learn to Paint, so check back if you like.  If all goes smoothly it will be tomorrow, if not so smoothly sometime in the next few days.  See you then!


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  1. such pretty crochet...I really like that bag..and I still want to pull out my brushes...


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