Thursday, October 4, 2012

Learn to Paint-Lesson 4 Scallop stroke and a Pansy

Romantic Rose Ladder


Lesson 4 is going to continue on with the scallop stroke.
Mastering the scallop stroke is essential to some of the flowers I paint along with the leaf.  For instance the pansy. I start with a pattern for placement of my strokes.   On this pansy I used a 3/4 flat One Stroke brush.


I first do the two top strokes, they are small scallop strokes. Overlapping slightly.

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  1. Some progress today, although I'm about to call it quits for the day. I practiced a lot of leaves and scallops today before I had to go to the doctor. This evening we went to a private party to hear Paul Palzone, who is running against the current monster sheriff Joe Arpaio. So when I got home and walked the dog, then I tried to get the link to your lesson on my blog page. It probably isn't right, but the rest will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm glad to see the pansy flower posted. Tomorrow, Friday, I'll be painting pansies. I'd like to paint them well enough to put them on things in the house. Yours would look great painted on things, but mine - well, maybe not so much. Not yet, anyway.

    1. That should have been Paul Panzone.

      I'm having trouble finding my way from one lesson to another. Do we have a task to complete for this lesson, or is there a link to lesson five?

  2. I just have not had a chance yet to try this, but I really, really want to! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us.

  3. These are wonderful. Your pansy looks stunning - I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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