Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Colorful Hand Painted Sign

My! what a week it has been.  I thought with the entrance of Fall and the cooler weather that things would slow down a bit but in that thinking I was in error.

I do have another painting lesson to add to our series but this week I was not able to get it done to my liking. 


I did manage to get a special order sign painted on Friday. It was a dark, rainy and chilly day but my studio was cozy and quiet.  A perfect retreat after a hectic week.  And I painted.


Today the sun shines with warmth, the chill that nipped at us yesterday is gone.  I took a walk in the garden to take photographs of the persistent blooms from summer.

I love this pink rose, I will print this shot and see if I can paint it, right down to the tiny water droplets on the petals.


Would you believe with all my rose painting I have yet to master painting the back of a rose?  I have tried and they never look right.  I will attempt it once again using this shot above for my model. 


I recently replaced the sad looking petunias in my window boxes with violas.  They will stay put all winter even under the snow then when the Spring sunshine warms them they will take off and become blooming fools. 

The window boxes sit on my deck rails and when I walk past all I smell is their sweet scent. 

I took plenty of shots of these too as I wish to paint from them.


The shading is so subtle and the whiskers so delicate it will take some practice, but I will do it. 


I have been watching some painting videos on You Tube lately.  Brazil seems to be big on fabric painting and there are some crazy lovely items that these ladies produce.

I think it has inspired me to try my hand again at fabric painting. 


I do enjoy painting my artful signs. Not just lettering, that is not fun for me but the colorful artistic signs are what float my boat.

I think maybe the table runners and pillow cases might be another avenue to enjoy my painting of flowers and romantic motifs. I have quite a few vintage linens that are considered cutters because of stains or holes so repurposing them into painted pillow covers or table runners may be the ticket. 

I have also dug back into my crochet basket, so many things I would like to do and only so much time. 

A familiar tune??

Fetilizer Friday 


  1. That sign is just beautiful, Pam. I like the blue border you used, it adds a lot to the flowers. Just great!

  2. Violas are like little water color paintings aren't they? I just love them.
    Yes, the rain came and went. Now, the heat has returned... but it's loosing ground and the nights are wonderful.
    Keep painting and try the crocheting too. You are so versatile. It's all about finding time for everthing isn't it?
    Take care.

  3. Beautiful sign and beautiful photos too. Look forward to your next painting lesson. Have a wonderful week!

  4. You are so talented! I would love to know how to paint a rose! Sounds like a busy weekend.
    I'm enjoying blog! :)



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