Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shh, everyone else is still sleeping.

I am savoring my first up of coffee in absolute quiet.  Well, I guess I cannot call is absolute since the freshly hatched chicks are cheeping away in their makeshift brooder behind me. 

The nephews are sleeping yet and Auntie is taking advantage of the moment to gather her wits.  Once all are awake it is rambunctious racket, fun and mayhem!

Saturday morning I took a garden walk and recorded what is blooming in my garden this first week of May. 

My tulips fairly glow when the sun strikes them.  These line the upper driveway and come back thick and lovely each year. I got most of these from Home Depot, those big cheap bags of bulbs.  I wanted to stick with one color for impact.

You can see my rock wall has collapsed here.  Repairing it is now on my overlong ‘to do’ list.


The grape hyacinths are finishing up for this season.  The pop of blue they provide is a perfect contrast with the red tulips.
I have a mix of lavender and pink creeping phlox on a rocky portion, it is hale and hearty, I have to whack it back to keep it within its boundaries.

The pink.


The Lavender


I have sweet violets along the one pathway, they too can spread like wild fire but I keep them in check, I bent down to photo these and was greeted with the sweetest scent.


The violas I planted in my window boxes last Fall are lush and showy.  I have a petunia or two that are coming back from seed in these boxes too. 


The window boxes are lined up on my side porch rail and as I walk past I can enjoy the whiff of Spring they emit.



More of my Wal-Mart mini rose I shared yesterday.


A barrel on my back deck.  I have planted a slough of Royal Wedding sweet peas in this and I hope soon to be gathering white blossoms soon.  They should look lovely with bouquets of my High Scent Sweet Peas.


A little closer look.


This is a new one for me.  Rock Cress, I started this from seed and I love it.  A sweet little ground cover.  I think it only blooms in the Spring but we will see. 


My Fritillaria.  Spell check on here keeps wanting to change that but I have looked it up and it is spelled correctly.  This one is different from the one at Ironstone.  The colors are so subtle you really have to be close to appreciate it.  But it is worth the time. 


The days are warm this week, my garden will change as new plants begin to bloom and others fade away for another year.  I am going to try to journal each phase of my garden so I can look back and enjoy when next winter begins to seem overlong.

Now it is time to enjoy another cup of coffee.  I do hear stirrings but no one has appeared downstairs.  My quiet time is ebbing away…


Passionately Artistic


  1. Beautiful spring garden! Mine are just starting to come up, I do have some tulips up and vinca with the small purple/blue flowers.

  2. Awesome florals! Some of yours I've never seen before, TY for sharing.
    Enjoy your busy day ahead ...
    TTFN ~

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  3. Thanks for share this post because gardening is my hobby so you give me more idea about gardening and also more information about different flowers.
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  4. Gorgeous. We share a lot of the same flowers in our landscaping. The lavender-blue creeping phlox is a favorite as are the wild violets.

  5. Your flowers are so pretty. I like to work on the blog in the morning too before everyone is up--good for you grabbing some quiet time to do what you enjoy. Thank you for linking to Share the Love Wednesday at Very Merry Vintage Style!


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