Monday, May 7, 2012

We have MORE peeps!

Good Monday morning!  Because of a lack of sleep last night I am quite brain dead this morning so forgive any typos. 

My latest nephew gave his mom and dad a false idea last night that he was ready to come into the world.  Me, being the fabulous Auntie I am drug herself from her bed at 1:30 in AM to go and try to sleep in a foreign environment (with a dog whimpering and cats jumping on things, phone ringing and 4 year old nephew climbing over me to sleep beside me). The idea was so the big brother nephews did not have to be roused from their own beds and that part of it all worked, they slept on.

But being the little dickens he is, the new one decided to stop it all as they reached the hospital. I think his nickname will be BRAT!   I will probably get the evil eye from his older brothers if I call him that but being I am a pushover for my sweetie nephews Brat would be an affectionate term.

I did catch some z’s between 11pm and 1:30 am so I am in a better boat than my sister who did not even get that much, I am sure.  Now that I have included you in my pity party I will share what I really was piping in about. 

New babies! Can you see her crunched up against the side of the incubator, her egg left behind. 


Her sister is pipping her way out as well. 


I am remaining positive that these are mostly hens, which is what I am after. 


These are Black Copper Maran eggs, the very dark ones that are richer in flavor than other brown eggs.  (or so everyone swears, I do know the shells are much tougher)

My older chicks, the Swedish Flower hens are old enough to have their own pen inside the chicken run.  I still keep them separate as they are on a different feed. They are kept apart from the other hens by the fencing but they can see each other, so this should help when I integrate them in with the larger hens.

I think this beautiful white one is a rooster.  I did want one rooster out of this bunch. I love his red top knot. 


The colorations on these ladies is stunning and each one is so different.


Some have more spotting and others less. 


Another shot of the (hopefully) rooster.


Last but not least, my first rose of the season.  This is one of those miniature roses you pick up at Wal-Mart in January in a little 4 inch pot for $5.

I have potted it up into a larger decorative pot and I overwinter it in my greenhouse each year.  I have had this about 5 years now and I keep it in the greenhouse until about to bloom, then I whip it out and put it on my dining table to enjoy, for awhile.  Then back outside it goes, they do not like living in the house for long, not enough sun. 

I think I got thru this halfway legibly.  Now out to the studio to paint.  I have signs galore to get done. Not complaining just the facts. (I think I will avoid using power tools today, especially the chop saw, I am definitely not 100%)

I better get moving, I am running late.


  1. I was just commenting on another blog that I have a greenhouse on my wishlist! I want one soo bad. Glad you got some sleep..that really throws me off when that happens. Your chickens are beautiful..that is one nifty little incubator. Have you had good luck with it?

  2. I have hatched two batches of chicks and so far so good. It sure makes it easy. pop in the eggs,program it, make sure the water container stays at the proper level and wait 21 days.


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