Thursday, May 17, 2012

Free Crochet Patterns I have downloaded lately!

Click on the photos to go to patterns or sites that contain the patterns.

I get crochet newsletters and I subscribe to some nifty gals who are into crochet even more than I.  Spring and Summer I am so busy outside in the evenings that my crochet projects get set on the back burner.   They await the long evenings of winter to descend again when I pick them back up.

This twisted cowl pattern is so easy I need to tuck the yarn and my hook into a tote so I can work on it anytime, I would not need to read a pattern once I had the beginning chain done.  I can also see this done in scrap yarn, a rainbow of colors.

This next one is a coaster or small doily pattern, I have another I downloaded and printed over a year ago, I should compare them and see what is the difference, they look so similar.

Pattern Directions for an 1893 Circle Motif Reworked

I really like this Alli crafts blog, she has all sorts of patterns she has shared and I loved this idea of the letters made from Granny Squares.  Wouldn’t this look cute appliqued on a pillow?

Or go even further and make an afghan with someone's initials?

This mini owl purse is too cute.  You can find the pattern over at Paper Dandelions.

The problem is with so many great patterns out there I have a tough time choosing which to do next. 



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am now obsessed with yarn and free patterns ! I have been " pinning" patterns for the last couple weeks ! LOL I am just a beginner though and some patterns are above my realm of understanding :)
    I'm a new follower , it looks like you can feed my crochet obsession !
    Thanks again for visiting my blog.

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my Easy Twisted Cowl! If you would like a coupon towards my etsy store, email me at - this is my offer when you feature one of my patterns :) Hope to hear from you soon! Your blog is beautiful, by the way!


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