Friday, March 2, 2012

March is National Crochet Month

Did anyone else know that?  I was clueless until I received a newsletter from Bernat via email with a photo of a gal sitting with a dog wearing a very cute crochet Bolero.  I clicked thru as I would love to have the pattern for that but it did not link to the pattern at all, free or not.

  I am sure it is in one of their pattern books but I wish they would always offer the name or pattern of items they show in their photos instead of having to search and search!

In my search (no success on the bolero I spoke of above) I found some other free patterns that are easy and cute like this one.

Light and lacy crochet shrug is the perfect warm weather accent piece. Approx. 36

Bamboo - Shoulder Shrug (crochet)

I like the dress as much as the shrug…hmmm I may have to try to make one, it could even be a baby doll top I am not sure. 

I received the pattern for this sweater via Lion Brand yarns newsletter.  I love it and it is within my range of expertise too but when I priced how much for the yarn to do one I was taken aback….it would run about $50 to complete this, hmmm I may have to do something a bit different with the pattern…

Image of Driftwood Pullover
Free Crochet Pattern: Driftwood Pullover
So many great patterns so little time!

Talca Lace Tunic
I thought this the cutest little thing though I have no idea what I would use it on.

from Love the Blue Bird

I am always checking out the blog Tangled Happy, she finds the best crochet bloggers!  Lots of fun patterns!

Okay, I need to quit dinking around looking at all the crochet fliers I received this morning and get to work.   I have a sign for a Goat Farm to paint today. 
And another painting for a front porch.  It has Iris’ on it and a garden saying.  I will be sure to share soon. 

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  1. Love the shrug & tunic! I can't even think about ever accomplishing something pretty.

    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  2. National Crochet Month? I had no idea. I just started a crocheted blanket. I must have known something was going on. I usually knit but decided to try something different. Crocheting is fun.
    Love the little bolero. Maybe I can try that next.
    Keep making those signs.

  3. I didn't know March was crochet month. Of course, these days, there's a month and a day for just about anything you can imagine. Owls are popping up all over the place. Very cute! Have a great weekend. Tammy


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