Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Rain Has Finally Come.

The past few days have been cloudy and rainy and I have been knee deep in year end corporate tax work and juggling finances.  Oh what fun, but at least it has not been sunny and warm, which beckons me to be outside instead of slaving over ledgers and sums.

I am hoping the rain may let up some soon, this weekend is the Flower Show at Ironstone Vineyards.  I wanted to get some great photos of all their barrels and barrels of flowers, though I can take them anytime and I do not have to go just this weekend. I just need the rain to desist long enough to whip out my camera safely.

In the meantime I have my indoor garden I tour every morning with my coffee to see how my sprouts are doing.

I planted some tomato seeds and were happy to see they sprouted within a few days. There is this tub in front which is Summer Salsa and you can see one behind it which is my Camp Joy heirloom cherry tomato from Renee's Garden seeds


We had to move our chuck wagon roof from over straw bale hotbed, the place where I buy my compost in bulk is closed for the winter and the bagged stuff is just too expensive. 

My homemade compost is not finished yet so the hot bed must wait and we put the roof over one of my raised beds from last summer that already has lettuce sprouting in it. (I had let the summer lettuce bolt and go to seed in Fall and it reseeded itself)


Those are a clump of green onions I had in a pot but I tossed them out here, they had no flavor at all so were not really worth eating, I am not sure what I am going to do with them.  I checked this morning and the wee bit of snow you see in the bed is already gone and the lettuce sprouts are happier, I also planted some sugar snap peas along the edge of the bed.

Here is my Camellia happy as lark in the greenhouse.  The blooms are a cheerful thing to see as I walk in each morning to grab some chicken feed for my ladies. 



This is the best it has bloomed ever, maybe it likes the weak seaweed water I give it.


My ladies waiting anxiously for their breakfast, they are not happy I am dilly dallying around taking photos of plants and flowers when they think they are going to starve to death. This photo was taken days ago, this snow is all gone now.


 I have yet to feed the girls this morning and I should get my fandango moving.  I am rather slow right now, I had a bad night suffering from a gall bladder attack.  I feel like I have been run over by a truck this morning but I have to press on.  Going out and visiting my girls always makes me feel a bit better, they never fail to cheer me.

That reminds me, my little hatching eggs seem to be doing okay, most anyways and the countdown is now 8 days to hatch.  I need to get the brooder set up and ready for the chicks.  We candled the eggs and it looks like 5 of the 7 are viable but since I am new at this I cannot be sure.  I will be more than thrilled if I get that many to hatch! 


I am off to take care of critters and start my day.

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  1. Your florals are gorgeous!!! But I am dying to see the wee ones hatching ... how fun.

    Have a lovely day ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Despite the rain, you are keeping very busy. Love the little tomato starts peeking out from the planter.
    This rain is wonderful. We needed it so badly. I spent the day, Monday, up at Daffodil Hill, taking some photos. I wanted to get there before the rains came. It was so beautiful. Probably more like your elevation.
    Sorry about the bad night and the gall bladder attack. This sounds awful.
    Take care and keep those chickens full and happy.

  3. Good Morning Pam,
    Hope you're feeling better this morning. The seedlings are great, and the camellia is beautiful.
    I would really love to have some ladies like yours but OH is not very keen:( never mind I'll look at yours instead.
    Have a good week

  4. Very nice blooms. That is great the tomato seedlings are up already.

  5. Your camellia is just gorgeous. Good to see your lettuce and tomatoes are sprouting too!

  6. Pamela, isn't it exciting to see spring working its way across the garden? Your tomato seedlings look great! Fun to watch new things pop up. Lettuce is sprouting in our garden, too. Cannot wait for a real garden salad. :) Your camellia is beautiful. What a lovely color! ~~Rhonda

  7. WOw! Love the rose and your tomoatoes look great! doing a great job - fun to see these pix. Paula in Idaho

  8. Hi, my first time here. I love the incubator most of all although the camelias are beautiful. We have some free range chicken too, my 81yr old mother's pets. But we do the most natural thing here to hatch them, the mother chicken keeping her eggs warm all the time. Then after a while the little chicks come out off under her, and they eventually join her outside.


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