Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday, before the nephews invade!!

Good morning.  Nothing special to report, I worked on some special order signs yesterday.  One a hen house sign with a rooster and hen painted on it and a family name sign but the family name sign is giving my fits.  I do believe I will have to sand it down and start again but that is custom work for you.  I posted some pictures of my dining room table I am building on my web site,  they are progress shots and it has been slow going because of wet lumber but it is a learning experience.

I should post a shot here too.  Once this is done I think I will build a console table as a buffet under the dining room window, I will have to wait and see what kind of space is left once the dining table is in place.  I don't like things too crowded and in our little 1300 sq foot house it is easy to get too much stuff.

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