Sunday, December 12, 2010

Maybe I can paint today!

My what a whirlwind week has flown by.  I painted a couple signs, babysat nephews and cleaned house (that is all I can do when they are here is get cleaning done, which is a good thing).  I did get my table top put together and all I need to do now is sand it good, it will take a belt sander, and stain it.  Then I can put the varathane on it all.  I need to haul the top out to the garage to do the sanding and staining.  Too messy to do it in the house.  Fortunately our weather has heated up so the highs are in the 50's during the day.  Yeah, melting the snow.

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  1. well I'm your first follower. keep it up. others are sure to follow.


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