Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Olive Egger Chicks update

Just a quick update for those loving all things chicken…
my Olive Egger chicks have integrated seamlessly in with the older hens.
You may remember them back in the day...
chick in a teacupWhen they were so small they fit into a vintage teacup
And when they graduated to the brooder
chicks in brooderNow they are looking so grown up..
They are even catching up to the older ladies in size.
I marked the Swedish Flower hen so you can see which one she is and how the chicks are nearly the same size.
It seems I have 3 roosters and 3 hens of the Olive Eggers.
Though 2 of the Roos have pea combs they are obviously much larger than the 3 hens.
Now I want to hatch some Cream Legbars or even just get some Easter Egger chicks for more blue eggs.
My current Easter eggers are getting older and I do love having a variety of colored eggs.

bowlof eggs
Aren’t they pretty…

Okay, enough chatter from me, off to work I go.
Have a wonderful day, it looks like it will be sunny after a couple days of rainy weather. 


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