Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lilacs of White Pines

lilacbouquet1700Yesterday I promised you a walk around the neighborhood to enjoy the wonderful old lilacs.
Most if not all were probably planted in the 40's.
They are a mass of  blooms right now and the perfume is intoxicating.
vintage lilacMy neighbor has this lovely lilac colored one and I do believe it is the most heavily scented of them all.
It's a party for your nose.
Here is a link to a post on how I propagated it so I can have my own. HOW TO PROPAGATE LILACS
Darker lilacJust down a block and around the corner is this beauty.
It is a darker purple, not quite as heavily scented but perfumed just enough.
motags2700Lilacs though lovely can be invasive, if they like where they are planted
jordans lilac700But when you end up with a hillside in front of your house looking like this, you may not care.
I love the mix of colors on this one.
It has both the light lavender and a touch of the darker so probably two different ones growing into each other.
whitelilacs2700And now to the white, which has a grace and beauty all its own.
With the weather heating up to near 80 this week my garden will begin to pop with blooms.
Already my iris are opening and even a few roses.
frontiris700An iris by my front drive.
rimmediris700This one still had rain drops on it.
idahoiris700One of my favorites, a gift from my cousin in Idaho, she had dug it up at an abandoned farmhouse garden.
This is going to be the year of the garden.
Last year, I was so busy working on the mountain that my garden was neglected.
The weeds had party and invited ALL of their friends.
They all made themselves at home and decided to have babies.
Lots of babies!
But I have already dug in to garden work and, of course, I love it.
The best thing about getting to work from home is I can take breaks now and then and take 10 minutes to weed a bed or haul some chicken doo from the chicken pen to add to the hot beds.
Enjoy your day!


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