Friday, May 30, 2014

Garden Tour, Iris and Roses mostly.

Candyland climbing roseDon't ya just love this Candyland rose?
My garden is performing a good month early this year.
Normally I would not see roses until mid to late June.
I am not complaining....
no, not at all.
Crown Princess margaretaAs I walk around the profusion of petaled glory each morning I breathe deep and revel in the scent.
Some perfumey roses..
Brunner actually override the aroma of the Eau de Poulet
(just my fancy way of saying chicken doo).
Cecile Brunner seems to like this spot on the chicken house.
She adds a bit of grace to a rather shabby little place.
I do need to do something different with that ugly window,
we had to cover it with plastic as the raccoons were trying to get the chickens through it.
hmm...project #112

Not to be overlooked (or smelled)
DSC_0004is the grape koolaid scent of the old fashioned Flags.
Their sweet scent floats into the living room when the doors are flung open to catch the evening breeze.

  Other Iris have little fragrance but their colors please the eye..
dutch irisFlamboyant blue Dutch Iris
or a beauty in contrasting yellow and purple.

DSC_0005Presently there is a lot of purple in the garden but soon,
very soon,
that will change.


DSC_0006The clematis are at their height for the season.
Most will only put on this flamboyant Spring show,
but I have one that blooms all summer long.
DSC_0014More and more iris are opening their colorful buds each day.
I will come back and share a complete post of just Iris, I think.
Have a great day.
Oh, wait, just one more shot...
bowl of strawberriesmy bounty of the morning.
I beat the robins to these in my strawberry patch.


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  1. beautiful! I love iris! and you have such a variety of iris colors.


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