Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Mornings are Fabulous! Inspiration quote for the day.

Preset Style = Natural<br />Format = Medium<br />Format Margin = Small<br />Format Border = Sm. Rounded<br />Drawing = #2 Pencil<br />Drawing Weight = Medium<br />Drawing Detail = Medium<br />Paint = Natural<br />Paint Lightness = Normal<br />Paint Intensity = Normal<br />Water = Tap Water<br />Water Edges = Medium<br />Water Bleed = Average<br />Brush = Natural Detail<br />Brush Focus = Everything<br />Brush Spacing = Narrow<br />Paper = Watercolor<br />Paper Texture = Medium<br />Paper Shading = Light

Phew! What a week I had.  It was so packed each day that I did not have a chance to do one post for you all.
On Saturday, the Grand Opening day of our Artists Co-Op went great.
My husband helped me set up a canopy out front of the building with some tables and I sat and painted while customers came by, which was fun.
I was able to talk to them and get an idea of what many are looking for in their wall hangings and art.
There is such a wide variety that I can go many directions with my paintings and signs and never get bored!

I had bought the hanging basket of gorgeous petunias to hang on the eave of the co-op but I had to set up a photo shoot on my potting bench before taking them over.
Then I Waterlogued them.
I love how it turned out so I am sharing it with you with a lovely quote.

Today I have taxes to finish up (nothing like skating in at the end) and some signs to work on that have been ordered.
I also want to dig up and transplant some delphiniums too, but we shall see if I get to that. 
It always seems I have more things on my ‘to do’ list than hours in the day.

Below is the link to a full size jpg of the photo above you can download and print if you wish. 
Personal use only please.

Downloadable printable


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  1. what a lovely print.. thanks so much for the download. I hate doing hubby's paperwork too and that's coming up very soon too. take care, Maryann


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