Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Day at the Gallery

As many of you already know I have joined a local co-op Gallery to showcase my paintings and signs in.
I work in the gallery one day every other week and today was that day.
While there I took some photos to share…
just to give you an idea of what is available. 
It changes frequently as things come and go but it does give you glimpse.

We have some really talented artisans that make furniture….
unique furniture like this barrel stave bench..

and these tables and chairs are made from reclaimed redwood pickle barrels or water tower lumber.
There is an eclectic mix of vendors in our co-op…
I love the variety…we have vintage textiles…
I am constantly tempted by these vintage table cloths…

and there is a lot of choices.
We also have some fused glass artists…I had never heard of that before joining this venture, so I am always learning something new.
That is only one of many glass we have much more but I will share that for another day.

One thing I enjoy about working in the gallery is meeting the customers.
Talking with them and listening to them as they walk through helps me see what they like and get ideas of what I may l want to paint next.
This is one of my larger painting/signs that sold today,  on my website or in a photo you just don’t get the full effect. 
It has been a very popular piece and I have been told several times that people wanted to buy it as a gift for someone. 
The others will be very disappointed it is not available anymore but I shall paint another similar and hope it turns out as well.
So tomorrow I will endeavor to get a lot of painting done and just enjoy creating.
I wish everyone else a great Friday!
Bye until next time, when I hope to have some fabulous paintings to share.


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