Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I was Surprised!

Good morning all.  We are about to face another cold snap so I must protect my tomatoes and peppers I put out last week. We may even get some snow.
I am not complaining, mind you, just stating a fact.  Considering the wild weather in the middle of the country whining about some cold temperatures seems petty. 

Sunday was the last day I was able to spend time in my garden, the past 2 days I have been a painting fool.  I an nearly done with the wedding signs that are due June 1st and I have fit in the painting of other special order signs as well. 

Yesterday I received my Country Gardens Magazine in the mail, it is one of my favorites to relax with at the end of the day.  I have discontinued most of my magazines subscriptions but this is one I will not give up. The cover page of this edition had me doing a double take…


Can you see the sign on the garden shed??? 

I just did one for a customer, special order that is so similar I had to look at it long and hard.  I need to make up a batch of these for my website and I will, very soon.

Potting Shed

Here are some other signs I have completed just the past couple of days…
A special order for a beach house..


Signs for the bride commissioned by her mother..this is a progress shot so still some work to do on these…


A beach house sign to replace the one ordered off my website.


Another Open/Closed sign


A cabinet door sign…I had a reader ask me about one like this and I need to go find out has been a few weeks. But here is this one.


Another reason I am pushing to get all this painting done is we are about ready to close on a large contract for our business.  Once that is done I will have little time for painting. I will be running my legs of getting things set up for the bookkeeping and legal end. After over 2 years of being out of the corporate world it is time to leap back in and though I do dislike it (rather be painting and building or gardening) it is a means to an end. 

The job will be an interesting and super crazy one to fulfill but gratifying.  It is for disaster relief housing.  Not your cheap trailer houses or shacks but good quality, quickly built and sturdy houses. Not only houses but factories to build houses, they can be set up in the locality of the disaster.  They can run on the sun and wind and are totally green. No infrastructure is required, not even septic. 

More on all of that later…if it comes to fruition.  I count on nothing until the deposit is in my account!

I most likely will start a blog on the project and be busy with it as well.  So you may see me hit and miss here but I shall check in as frequently as I can. 

Time for me to get to work here, I need to run get chicken feed. On the way I will deliver some tomato plants, (I started way too many and have plenty to share), and some Climbing Tombocino seeds (a super yummy zucchini that maintains its firm texture when cooked and has a flavor reminiscent of artichokes).

I cannot grow it here, too cool, it needs a longer, hotter season so a friend who lives in such an area agreed to grow some for me. 

I wish you calm weather and sunny skies!

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  1. Way cool to see one of your signs on the cover of a magazine. Congrats.

  2. My favorite is the little girl one! How sweet. The POTTING SHED one is making me wish I had a "potting shed"! They are all so vibrant and beautiful. Thanks for sharing them at "Meet Me On Monday"...

    Take care,

  3. Your signs are gorgeous! You have been busy! I wish you all the best of luck on your new business, what a great things to do. I hope the snow stays away and you can get out to your garden as well. Have a wonderful weekend Pam!

  4. Really like the aged crackleure effect you get with some of your house signs.


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