Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday, a day of planting!

Good Sunday evening!  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Mine was filled with garden chores but I do enjoy digging in the dirt so “chores” may not be the best word to describe it.

I thought everyone may enjoy seeing how my “depressed tulips” fared once the sun started to shine with real warmth. They were so happy they fairly glowed! 


This was Friday in my front garden, I was out reveling in the warmth, listening to an audio book as I weeded, raked and generally had a relaxing time.  I was weary of painting signs, I had been diligently painting them for 5 days straight and I needed a break.   


My Fritillaria’s are trying to recover but I do not think they will be straight again this year.  I will have to enjoy them crooked.


The Muscari seems to have come thru with little damage.


The dogwoods are in full bloom around the neighborhood, they grow wild here.  The woods are full of them.



This lone little tulip must’ve been hijacked by some squirrels.  It is blooming across the street from our house in the woods. I know I did not plant it there but it is one of mine.  It pushed it’s way past the thick layer of pine needles and is a bright spot amongst the drab.


Today I decided it was safe to plant my tomatoes and pepper plants.  First I planted tomatoes, 2 Brandywines, 2 San Marzano, 2 Costoluto Genovese,  a Camp Joy cherry and an Early Girl.   The peppers were Jalapeno and Zavory Habanero.  Zavory is a variety with little heat so you can enjoy the Habanero flavor without blistering your mouth.  I love hot peppers but I wanted to give this variety a whirl.  My basil is still so tiny, I may have to buy some plants if mine don’t get bigger. I think the nights are too cool in the greenhouse, basil really loves the heat.

Now that I have things planted I will not be able to let my chickens loose until I fence off my garden or they will dig up my seedlings in their hunt for bugs to eat. 
My lettuce is finally popping up in the raised beds.  I am so behind this year, normally I am harvesting lettuce by now.  The deep snow in April prevented me from getting it started earlier. I miss my fresh home grown lettuce!

I should take a walk, it is still nice out and the aerobic exercise would be good for me.  I don’t know why I am so lazy…

Enjoy your Sunday evening…until we meet again.


  1. They look beautiful!!! What a wonderful way to spend the weekend!! ~KM

  2. Pam the tulips look so happy and are standing straight up in the warm sun!!! Once again thanks for sharing.....

  3. Awe - those tulips almost look fake~ your garden is sure appreciating the TLC you've dedicated to it - looks beautiful! xoxo, tracie

  4. Your blooms are gorgeous, Pamela! Isn't it wonderful to bask in the sun's warmth and dig in the cool earth? I love it!!! And it's so interesting that the type of blooms you have bursting forth now have come and gone at my place. It's fun to watch the seasons change in various parts of the world via the blogosphere.

    I'm so glad when you join me at the cottage linky party. Besides enjoying your posts, it also gives me a good excuse to visit. ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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