Friday, December 24, 2010

Fabulous Friday!

Hello Dear friends and fellow bloggers.  A fabulous Friday has dawned and the sun is shining, briefly, here in soggy and snowy California.  Let's hope the weather gives our neighbors in S. California the break they desperately need!.  Today I am posting a rustic garden bench that I built then painted, including the winter scene.
I have built a few of these and painted them all differently.  This one I wanted black to set off the chilly scene on the seat.  This bench measures 48' wide and 11" deep.  There is a pattern for building the bench at if anyone is interested (look under Rustic Bench).  Though I built this one a few years ago the one she has step by step instructions to is nearly identical.  I have another bench plan that is a bit different and I will post that one too, soon.

I got busy this morning and put 3 coats of Varathane brand water-based Spar Urethane on my dining table base.  (the Outdoor semi-gloss) Now it is ready for the top which is sitting out in my studio.  I think I may have to turn half my studio into a place to build things as the garage is just too cold.  I will just have to vacuum frequently to clean up all the sawdust from sanding and finishing.  I will still cut my lumber in the garage. 
Also I have been practicing with Picasa so I can manipulate photos better, so much to learn.  I get to have my baby nephews on Monday, let's hope for sunshine so we can go to the park and maybe Tuesday too.  We shall see, fun, fun, fun. 
My wonderful husband put the new part on our refrigerator this morning.  We have been without an ice maker for 6 months and the way I live on ice tea (year round) that is just NOT convenient.  I finally got tired of waiting to get it fixed and Googled the problem.  Sure enough someone has what to look for and where, found the part that was broken, ordered it and voila!  a working ice maker.  I love the internet!
Ta ta for now!

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  1. Thank you, Audra for stopping by and your comment. Painting is one of my favorite pastimes. I am just getting started on this blogging business and I will have tons of projects to share.


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