Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bright and early tuesday.

Good early morning, I cannot tell what the weather will hold for us today but it snowed most of yesterday.  I ignored it as I whirled around working on my projects.  Now that most special order signs have been completed I worked on things I have wanted to do for myself.  Like my dining room table.  I stained the underside and put a coat of varathane on it then had my hubby flip it over for me so I could work on the top.  I am wondering if I will like this top as I did not sand it enough to get all the glue off.  Blame the weather, it was so cold in the garage that I just did not spend the time on it I would have if it was warmer and comfy to work out there.  So the stain is not absorbing well where the glue was smeared on the wood surface.  I could say it adds character and go with it for now then if it really gets on my nerves replace it one the weather heats back up. 
Here the table top is crammed into my studio so I can work on it in comfort, I just have to squeeze around it as it sits between my two painting tables.  If sanding was not so messy I could have sanded it in here, the dust everywhere is too much though.  I will put a few coats of varathane on it today and call it good.  David worked on proposals in high hopes of getting some kind of work.  It is rather like fishing, there have been bites but he has yet to land one.  I really need to take a day and organize and clean the studio.  Soon, very soon.  ta ta for now!

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