Monday, December 13, 2010

A fun Monday.

Hi All,
One of the many things I accomplished today that has been on my 'to do' list for a few weeks, I got my Butterwort plants put into mini Terrariums (aka: glass containers from a thrift store).  I covered the tops with plastic wrap to keep in the humidity.  These plants eat fungus gnats or some folks call them fruit gnats.  Working out in my greenhouse made me crave warmer days and my garden. But I will get started soon on my seed starting so I can have tons of luscious plants to put into my garden. Let's hope for a decent warm spring this year!
 My main goal today was to get some signs finished and I managed to do most of them.
This sign is for a friend who cuts my hair, we bartered. She asked for a Pansy sign, I hope she likes it!

A special order sign, I just sent the photo off to the customer to see if she is pleased, then I will varathane it and add the hanger.  She is getting it for her parents beach house.

This is a new project, I am redoing this metal tub/planter.  I will show you the finished product soon.  But here is the progress today! Love Rustoleum spray paint!
And along with all these projects I was able to sand down my new table top, fill some spots with wood filler (had to make my own with sawdust and wood glue) and house cleaning chores.  Not bad for a Monday!
We shall see what I can get done tomorrow!

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