Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hand Painting signs

I have been busy in the studio the past few days. 
I really want to be cleaning out the studio and getting it organized but I have orders I need to get fulfilled first.

I had fun with these two…I got to paint lots and lots of rosebuds.
Some on Facebook already viewed this one below…
I really enjoyed trying to paint an Eden rose. 
The color is close but the form I need to work on.
And one last one for now..
I have been able to get my table legs painted but I am not crazy about the gray.
I thought to try it as it is a neutral and I am bringing in some color with my new curtains.
(my fabric came in, now I need time to sew them, I can’t wait!)
But I think I will go with a different color. 
Now the table top is still troubling me, I am not sure which direction to go with it yet. 
Strip and re-stain?  Paint? 
Well, I have errands to run today.  
Here is my parting thought for this fine sunny day.

thistle cannot grow700

Enjoy your day!



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