Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Rebellious Rooster behaves


Finally he came together.  I knew I wanted him to be the star of this show so he is very colorful.  To me this begs to be a poultry feed sign or something like that.  Vintage looking lettering….I will give it a few days to see what strikes me. 

I did manage to get out to take those photos of the Fall foliage and more.  I sometimes forget what a lovely place I live or I should say I take it in stride instead of reveling in it. 

There are lots of little lakes and ponds, gorgeous vacation homes that are art unto themselves and landscaping to match.


This yard has about 12 gorgeous Japanese Maples, including lace leaf that drape down like a bush. All of them are drenched in Fall colors.


From flamboyant red to a bit more orange.  You can see the orange one tucked back in the center of this photo below. The line the large half circle drive of this massive stone house. 


Not far down the road I spotted this bench on a front porch of another lovely vacation home.  I nearly screeched the brakes to stop and get a shot.  I love pew benches and I am finding them around, there are much more than I thought.  It is a lovely porch to enter the house from, there is a large painting above the bench that is quite colorful, I would love a closer look one day.


As I drove (crept) slowly down this same street who do you think bounds in front of my Suburban but this guilty looking lady.  Is that my strawberry plants I see between her teeth?? 


One of the numerous lakes around, the reflection of the trees in the water was what caught my eye. 


Many of the neighborhoods take great pride in the area and try to add to it. And I think they pull it off quite well.  This is the pool house (bathroom, changing area) for this lake.


Because of harsh weather conditions throughout the school year these bus shelters are placed at many bus stops so the kids do not have to stand out in the pelting rain or snow while they wait for their bus.
Obviously this neighborhood takes great pride in making this one not only comfy but picturesque. 


I had to get close ups of this mural.  The artist did an outstanding job.



This cozy little shelter will come in handy this coming Thursday.  Cold, cold weather is heading our way and fast. Today we will enjoy low 70’s for a high with beautiful sunny skies and by Thursday it will top out in the low 40’s with snow predicted here.  Brrrr. And Friday the hi will be in the 30’s.

Good grief that is a 30+ degree drop.  Winter is here. 

I have more of my paintings to share.  I am learning a new method that is more impressionistic and I think I am finally getting it.
I worked on a couple small paintings and the rooster above most of the afternoon between cleaning the house, laundry and getting things more winter ready outside.

I have plenty on the agenda again today so I better get a move on.

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  1. Wow, those photos are breathtaking, I love Acers and the colours are so beautiful. I love the bus shelter, they used to make them like that in the UK, we had one near us but it didn't have the beautiful mural, just a load of graffiti which is sad.

  2. Your rooster is awesome. Your photos are awesome. Such lovely colors. We are now drenched in white here, but it sure was a beautiful fall.

  3. Gorgeous pictures!! I love Japanese Maples...probably my favorite tree! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful pictures. Hope you are enjoying fall!
    Miss Bloomers

  4. What a paradise you are living in! The understory of your trees are so alive because of those warm colors, but because i love them i feel like getting them out to the open for more appreciation. That reflection on the lake is also a super place, how so beautiful.

  5. Your rooster is beautifully done. I enjoyed seeing the gorgeous colors in your area, and the bear mural. Have a nice wknd Pam!

  6. I can totally see it as poultry feed sign! Love it. Those colorful Japanese Maples are so beautiful!

  7. Lovely photos, Pamela! Love the color of the bench - looks great against the cabin - the mural is amazing! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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