Friday, June 29, 2012

Join Me on My Morning Walk

I will give you fair warning, this post is laden with flower photos.  So if you are hoping for some pithy words of wisdom, forget it! 

If you want a colorful morning in the garden, grab a cuppa and join me for a spell.

I did a post on starting these Delphiniums from seed.  I sent to Dowdeswells for this glorious variety (not available in your ordinary garden center.)

Here are the results. I Love this shade of blue, it pops amongst all its garden comrades.


This next one has the large black bee (center part) and really catches the eye. 


You can see the Delph in the background of this photo of my impressive Warsaw Nike Clematis.

It is the one leaning over way in the back there…


I was pleased to get a white one from my mixed batch of seeds.  The photo is poor, it really is an impressive one.


This is my mid-blue with a white bee, the color is in between the lighter colored one at top and the darker one.  I love the range of blues.  I want to make sure to plant them altogether for an impressive show. 


The lilies are starting, most of mine are a vibrant orange and an orangey red. 



I tried to get an overall shot too. You can see the California Poppies at their feet.  This is the time of year when my garden goes from predominantly purples and pinks to more yellows and oranges.


There is still plenty of pink though…

Rose Campion


This is the Sweet William I mentioned before, with the multicolored blossoms. 


Pink Canterbury bells.  This one surprised me, the parent plant is purple.


Dragons Heart Cranesbill geranium


Oh there is more, but I have to go to work now, and I must get ready to go…so stayed tuned.  I shall share the rest ASAP. 

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  1. What a lovely walk through your garden! We're into our "too hot for almost everything" time, well, mostly too hot for me to stay in the yard. Those beautiful blues look so refreshing to the eye. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my! what lovely flowers you have!! I love seeing photos of other people's gardens, so the more photos, the better. Your garden is beautiful. I had a glass of iced coffee while walking through your garden as it's already pretty warm here. Thanks for taking us along, Pam!!

  3. Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous! I love your blue delphiniums. So gorgeous. Thanks for the walk thru your garden. Stopping by from Stephanie Lynn's.


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