Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Short Walk in the Garden

It is the first of the month and it is time to see what is happening (or not) in the garden. 

Here we go…

First thing I spot is some Larkspur seedlings popping up, the ground is frosty from our 32 degree night, but they persist in coming up.


Some Blue Star Creeper Groundcover hiding beneath some pine needles.


Volunteer Shirley poppies taking over the Japanese Maple in this pot. I should separate them out…. or not…


This photo turned out so dark, not sure why but this is a climbing rose, Dream Weaver, I do believe, and it is budding very early.  This is the warm side of the house. I just hope a hard freeze does not strike and burn the new growth. 


My favorite Clematis at the moment, called Warsaw Nike, it is also sprouting new growth. 


My Hydrangea is loaded with fat and sassy buds. 


Meet one of my ladies, this is the lone Black Copper Maran hen I ended up with after adopting 5 straight run chicks (my hope was to end up with mostly hens).  Yep I had to find homes for 4 Roosters, they were lovely but noisy.

Her name is Lady Maran, she thinks she is nobility, she expects preferential treatment and though one of the youngest of the hens does not let anyone push her around.  She is a pretty girl.


I also need to announce my winner of the My Memories software.  I totally forgot about it.  Blame it on my total absorption in getting our tax documents sorted and paperwork filled out. 

The winner is Bettie, she entered via email which is very convenient since that makes it easy to contact her!

Enjoy the visit to my garden this first week of February.  I will do another in a couple weeks.  We shall see how things have progressed. 


I am joining a
Walk in the Gardens



  1. Looks like a lot is starting to happen in your garden. Isn't the start of spring so exciting!? Lady Maran is beautiful!

    1. I got a bunch of seeds started today and they are now residing under my grow lights in the living room. Whoo hoo..I always enjoy getting started.

  2. So envious of your awakening garden... no swelling buds here. Lady Maran has captured my heart. My chickens are porcelain... not nearly as fun as yours, I'm sure.
    Thanks for joining in my "Walk in the Gardens". We do this the first of every month.

    1. Thanks for hosting your "walk", it reminds me to log what is happening in the garden on certain dates and I enjoy seeing what is happening in others gardens.

  3. I think this is a false spring we are enjoying. It is nice though.

  4. It's always exciting when Larkspur and poppies start coming up. They're tough, so a freeze or two won't hurt them.

  5. I really like that blue star creeper. The color stands out among the winter browns and grays.

  6. I really like that blue star creeper. The color stands out among the winter browns and grays.

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