Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Built Ford Tough!

I know, a strange title indeed.  But it seemed fitting.  To say this weekend was stressful is quite the understatement.  My older brother was in an unbelievable car wreck on Saturday afternoon.  He had a rear tire blow out on his Ford F250 truck and lost control then flew off an embankment to plummet 100 feet, taking out trees on his way down.  

This is what is left of that truck..even the tow trucker drivers said it was one of the most horrendous crashes they have seen, and they see plenty…


This is the back and ladder rack.


Passenger side or I should say where the passenger side was, thankfully no one was riding with him, they would not have made it out alive.  We were trying to find any of my brother’s belongings that might’ve been inside but the cab is inaccessible.


Now for the miracle part…here is where my brother was sitting..


You can see the roof comes down against and into his seat…he pulled himself halfway out before the emergency workers arrived…and got away with 8 broken ribs, a collapsed lung and a scrape on his head.  He is plenty sore but will recover.

You thought the title was about the truck but it really describes my brother…he takes a beatin’ and keeps on smilin’.


Of course my cousin swears my brother is made of rubber.  They have worked together in the past, my brother is a roofer, and my cousin says that he has seen him fall from a roof, bounce back up, dust himself off and climb back up the ladder to keep on working.  Smile

Yep, built Ford Tough! 

Good night Big Brother, keep safe.

G’night to everyone else as well…next I will share more garden photos.  The weather has warmed to near 80, so heaven in my mountain garden.


  1. Hi Pamela,
    Wow, tough indeed!! and lucky to boot!! So glad for the good outcome!
    The roadtrip anniversaryy sound fun actually, I think we spend some of our best times talking in the car, the moving part, well yuck!!
    Happy early anniversary:-))

  2. I have goosebumps from reading this and seeing the pictures. He definitely had an angel watching over him during the crash. God bless him with a speedy recovery! Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Sounds like he is a cat and still has several lives left ;-) A crash of this type is one of my biggest fears. Please wish him a speedy recovery from me!

  4. Oh my gosh Pam that looks so scary!! I am so happy that he is ok and I hope that he is back on his feet again soon.

  5. Thank God your brother is Ok, He sounds like quite a guy! I guess I should be happy my soon to be driver who considers himself "Everyone's favorite redneck" is in love with Ford trucks

  6. That's one horrible crash! Judging from the wrecked car, it really is a miracle that your brother survived. I wonder what caused the tires to blow out like that? It is good that the Ford was really tough, otherwise that whole area could've just crumped and might have caused more injury to your brother. Anyway, stay safe!

    Richard Johnson


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