Sunday, August 3, 2014

Happy August!

vintage rose (Pams Pink) and a bumblebeeEvery morning I walk the garden with my coffee, chat with the bumblebees, dead head a few flowers to encourage more blooms, and breathe deep of the cool, sweet scent of a summers morning.
I will share some things I saw this morning.
Oriental LilyThe Oriental Lilies are blooming and perfuming the entire garden.
The Stargazer Lilies are just fabulous.
Stargazer Lily 28, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comThe Morning Glories are opening up, they like the heat.
These climb the lattice that obscures the untidiness under our back deck.
Morning Glories 8, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comCerise Queen Yarrow, this one comes in several shades of pink.
This bright Fuschia is a stunner. Cerise Queen Yarrow 8, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comMy Nearly Wild Rose is reblooming.
With those needle nose beetles gone the petals are not all pitted and holey.
Nearly Wild Rose 8, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comThe Pow Wow Wildberry Echinacea nearby is just exploding with vibrant color.
Pow Wow Echinacea Coneflower 8, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comThe Peace Rose is giving me full bouquets on a single cane.
Get a load of this luscious gorgeousness…
Peace Rose 28, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comI took a close up so I could try to paint it one day.
Peace Rose 38, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comI was tickled pink when I spotted this…
Trumpet Vine 28, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comIt is a Trumpet Vine getting ready to bloom!
I started this one and several others from seeds I collected at an acquaintance’s home, the parent is just gorgeous and a hummingbird magnet.
I was beginning to think it would not bloom here as I put it in this spot 3 years ago and over the past few summers got not one bloom.
But look at it now.  I couldn’t be happier!
Maybe that is typical of Trumpet Vine started from seed, 3 years to bloom but since this is my first I would not know.
I am especially pleased by the 2 pink roses I planted beside my little Cottage/Studio
I had transplanted them late last Fall and did not know if they would take.
I love the pink against the yellow.
FlowerPatchFarmhouse Garden Cottage Studio July 2014 8I have tons more photos I could show but I know your eyes are already glazing over so I shall stop.
One more thing to share….
Vintage Crate Seed Packet Signs FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comThese are one of my latest projects and I hope to share the tutorial on making them very soon
(note the disclaimer “hope”, I had planned on making that tutorial this week and things popped up that got in the way. Ever have that happen??).
Oh well, such is life.
Now that I have built your anticipation I will bid you adieu!
Have a great day!

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