Saturday, July 13, 2013

Joy From the Garden

How is everyone this morning?  

My work has kept me so busy it seems one day melds into the next. 


But one thing I never miss is my morning garden walk.

cherry picotee geranium

It brings me joy…..

                                  joy I must share with you all.

back deck

My how the garden has changed in a mere month!

June 11th it looked like this from the street corner…..


and now,

                                 a completely different scene.


The roses have finished their first flush of blooms and are gearing up for another.

And yet there is tons of joyous color to behold.

The air is laden with a sweet perfume.

Can you smell it?

trumpet lily

It is our Trumpet Lilies..

fighting for room amongst the over exuberant Black eyed Susies. 

Walk around to the other side and you find some Crazy Daisys .

crazy crazy daisy

Each plant is a little bit different.

Vying for attention and the chance to delight us.

crazy daisy

The air is soft and cool this morning, rather refreshing after that week of warm sultry weather we had.

The damp heat was a bit much for most people..

New Millenium Blue Delphiniums

But the garden loved it! 

cerise queen

And since the they had such a grand time with that touch of heat, the flowers are sharing their exuberance with us. 

Providing a pop of color to our now, wee bit cooler, summer days.


They bob and sway in the soft refreshing breezes…


Sending us a friendly wave..

light blue delph

and a touch of cheer.

Even to the weary soul.


A few of the roses are still blooming, they are on my back deck. 

You saw them in the third photo from the top.


They seem to love it there, and keep me company when I enjoy an al fresco meal.

white bouquet mini rose

Little bouquets of sweet scented happiness…

and bright bursts of radiance.

rosy glow geranium

And sometimes a little surprise…

like a volunteer tomato in the middle of some petunias.

tomato in planter

I will find it a new home, with room to stretch its feet and maybe reward us with some luscious, flavorful fruit.

Enjoy your day!


  1. What lovely color! I bet it does smell wonderful in your yard. I especially enjoyed your before-and-after pictures. Each lovely, but what a contrast. Thanks so much for sharing such beauty.

  2. Pam, thank you for taking us on a walk with you, the flowers are lovely xo


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