Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Come share my lunch by the Lake

Summer is flying by, isn’t it?

It always does. 

At least for me, I love summer.

Work has been busy… very busy.

That is a blessing…..

                                          and a curse.

So instead of lamenting on what I cannot do, I will share my little specks of time I grab to enjoy being outside and glorying in the gorgeous summer weather.

Today we are going to lunch by Lake Alpine.


The day started sunny, hot and more than a little steamy.

It is a bit of a hike to get from the parking lot to our spot.

But the fun thing is the path to the picnic table is lined with wild flowers. 

Eye candy for a flower lover.


There is only the slightest of breezes and it has a hint of coolness to it…


and the sweet smell of rain..

keep following the path, it leads right to the table beside the lake. 


Are you getting weary??

Take a seat on natures bench.  You can get a closer view of some of the wildflowers surrounding us.



Just a little further and there is a carpet of lupines..


waiting patiently for the raindrops to fall to give them a refreshing drink.


These resemble larkspur…

the royal blue a stark contrast to the softer colors around it.


A little further along…look close,

an interesting character, 

I wish I knew what it was called..

yellow stripe


can you hear that???…

the thunder clouds are rumbling in…

the sky is getting darker..

I wonder if we will get rained on while we eat…

indian paint brush

we are very close to the lake now..

you can hear the giggles of the children as they splash into the cool water.

They jump from the rocks that line the shore..


Watch your step, the trail is a bit uneven…the nice thing of looking down is seeing more flowers…

A touch of pink, they look like little pink puff balls.


These remind me of Baby’s Breath…

babys breath

And there is a table, to the left, where we can sit and enjoy our meal..


And watch the little wild critters that are enjoying the day too…

I am not sure what it was the was digging and tossing the dirt for about 3 feet as it dug around, it moved to fast to be identified but he was entertaining.


A few rain drops splash us as we eat but not enough to worry about. 

Before you know it, it is time to head back to work. 

Really, floating on an air mattress on the lake is way more appealing.


But back to work I go.

Maybe before summer is over I can take a day to just float on the lake…

want to join me??? 

It will be relaxing, peaceful and oh so lazy!

Sounds like heaven……



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