Monday, April 9, 2012

A capricious Spring.

There is nothing so changeable as Spring in these mountains, on one day it is gorgeous, sunny and balmy and the next a freezing wind whips in a new storm. 

I did promise to return with more photos of my lovely day at Ironstone on March 29th.  My days since have been filled with work, friends and planting chores so it has been longer than I thought.


I am sure the daffodils are about done now and have been replaced with more tulips so another trip out to get more photos is in order but for now these shots will do.


I do appreciate the name tags added to the barrels, if one really floats my boat I can always jot down the name and purchase some for myself.  I do not usually add tulips or daffodils to my garden anymore, the unreliable Spring weather here has more often than not squashed them flat with a freak heavy snow or a pounding rain so I toodle on down to Ironstone when theirs bloom and take photos to admire at my leisure.



The Fritillaria were rather striking.  I do want to try some of these.



Though some varieties do have me rethinking whether or not I want to grow them myself.  At Ironstone they are in the wine barrels, which they move under cover when a storm threatens.  They have devised a special dolly that picks up the barrels for wheeling to safety.  I do not have such a device nor do I think it would work on our uneven ground.


So back to my original plan of just contenting myself with enjoying their displays.





They also had on display fountains crafted by a local artisan who uses reclaimed materials from the old mines and ranches. 




Even a small pot filled to bursting with tulips is a pleasure to behold.  I think I will try this and if nasty weather threatens I can move them under the porch roof easily enough.


This is certainly not all but a good taste of the eye candy at Ironstone Vineyards.  If you are within driving distance it is worth it to make the trip for a walk thru their grounds.  The barrels stretch along beautiful pathways forever and ever.  And the perfumed air is a delight.  Of course, the weather for the remainder of this week is supposed to be rather ugly so maybe try next week. 
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  1. Those are beautiful! I love the Fritillaria, I have never seen them before. All of our Tulips are out and I am afraid already starting to fade which doesn't make good for our city since we host the Tulip festival every year in May.

  2. Awesome photos. I love the idea of tulips in a big pot-I'm going to try that next year.

  3. Your photos are simply stunning! I too would like to try the Fritillaria someday. It's almost like the flowers are shy, facing downward like that, trying to hide their beauty!
    Happy REDnesday,

  4. You see some glorious flowers, when you have someone that knows how to tend them. Beautiful place.

  5. These are absolutely beautiful! Love the tulips!


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