Saturday, February 5, 2011

Trying to Learn Photoshop!

Today has been gorgeous!  Sunny and a high of 65 degrees, can't get much better than this in the mountains in February.  The past week has been spent on painting signs,  special order signs and a few just to put up on my website.
 I still need to work on the inside photos of my studio.  So many have requested it but I am half afraid to show what it looks like now.  On the other hand I am motivated to get it arranged as I would wish so I can show "before" and "after" photos.  I will need help in getting it done and am waiting for my husband to finish.  He has been working on the step by step building plans for the studio and price list for materials so any who wish can build it for themselves.

The other item on my list is learn photoshop.  My blog definitely needs a face lift and organization but the things I want to do will be easier if I learn how to use it. I have wanted to use Photoshop for my photography forever and a day so it is time to buckle down to it, there are so many easy tutorials to smooth the way, I just need to set aside time for it.  But getting the signs painted that have been ordered has taken priority! 

Here are some of the signs I worked on this week...

A blue cottage sign with pink roses.  I am working on doing some beachy signs getting ready for summer.

My rosebud laundry signs are always a hit.

A gal special ordered one like this back in December..I liked it so well after completing it I wanted to do another.  I am also working on a Frog Pond sign that is driving me insane!  I can't seem to get the frogs down.  But I usually have a point in many of my special order signs that have me yanking my hair out. 
Today I refused to even look at signs! With the gorgeous temps I had a hard time staying indoors,  so I gave in to the desire to be outside and worked in my greenhouse.  I set up rope lights on the metal rack to use as a heat mat for my seedlings and next I will set up the growlights. I soaked, scrubbed and sanitized tons of plastic pots.  I had to break off long enough to run to the grocery store and Post Office but that was about it, the rest of the time was spent getting ready for spring!  I checked my peach trees out back and they are starting to bud. 
I love being outside, it soothes the soul. Well, I should qualify that, I love being outside when it is warm. I don't handle cold well, unless it is on the short term.
Time to go lock up the chickens, I let the out of their pen to peck the green shoots peeking out of the snow free ground. 



  1. I love them! My favorite is the last one. I wish I lived closer to the sea :)

  2. Pam, love your signs; and do learn photoshop; I use photoshop elements PSE -- just pick one thing at a time to learn, try it, then set a goal to use that technique along with one more and build from there -- it can be overwhelming if not. I used some of them in past Pink Saturday posts on my blog and have fun with it -- putting dolls in real places, etc, changing colors; I've a long way to go though. Terri HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY


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