Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring was here....

What a lovely couple of weeks we enjoyed here in N. Calif.  Sunshine and mild temps made for a wonderful respite from winter.  We seem to get a brief taste of spring each February, a teaser before we are hit once again with cold, snow/rain with a dash of wind tossed in.  But that few days of warmth is a lovely reminder that Spring is on its way, and makes it bearable until it is here to stay. 
My husband and I spent the weekend entertaining our youngest nephews (mommy and daddy were having a weekend to themselves).    Here is Cayden and Jackson in their favorite spot as I cook, they are my little helpers.

Friday they helped me outside raking the pine needles and feeding the chickens.  Auntie Pam was making sure they were good and tired come bed time.   
Saturday we took them to the zoo.   We enjoyed walking thru the small zoo.  Here is a couple of wild ones ready to be adopted….

Lot's of fun critters to see...
Photo ops
That Uncle Dave, he is on his phone again!
Then is was time for LUNCH!

The sun was fabulous, the temp about 70 degrees and the green grass so vibrant. One thing I love about California is it is so green, even in winter.  As we drove down into the San Joaquin valley I was on the lookout for the almond trees.  They are one of the first things to bloom, it almost never fails, by the second week of February you see white blossoms popping out all over.  
We had fun, we wore the boys to a nub, they slept for a good portion of Sunday afternoon and were glad to see mom and dad later in the evening.
Today we are back to winter weather, cold snow this morning and then rain and some wind. Sigh, our peek at Spring is over but soon enough it will be here to stay!
woo hoo.

Needless to say I got no projects done but enjoying the sunshine and the boys was more fun anyways.
Ta ta...Pamela



  1. What a fun day and the boys are adorable!! We are having a teaser this week too, in the 50's then snow and cold this weekend!


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