Friday, August 1, 2014

Old Buckets and a Half Wine Barrel

Old Buckets & a Wine Barrel FlowerPatchFarmhouse

A couple years ago I did a post on my old buckets planter.
Nothing fancy but it has always been a favorite of mine.
I loved turning these old buckets into a feast for the eyes.
Old Buckets to Beautiful Planter www.flowerpatchfarmhouse.comI have planted them with violas for pretty spring but frost proof loveliness..
Old Buckets and Violas www.flowerpatchfarmhouse.comthen when things heated up and the violas drooped I traded them out for some petunias…
Old Buckets and Petunias
Sometimes I added in other things like lobelia and sweet potato vine..
Vintage Buckets Flower Tower www.flowerpatchfarmhouse.comBecause of the drought I have consolidated some of my planters,….
less to water.
So I moved my smaller buckets to a half wine barrel on my back deck and filled them again with petunias
(some were already coming up from seed in the barrel),
lobelia and a sweet potato vine I had over wintered.
Old Buckets in a Wine Barrel
They are filling in so quickly and if you look real close you can see some lobelia, though I do think the vigorous petunias may completely overshadow it soon.
DSC_0047I am always on the look out for old galvanized buckets and tubs, I can’t seem to get enough.
This sits on my back deck in full view of my kitchen window and the sliding glass doors of the dining area.
I never tire of this view and when it cools down again, too cool for petunia and lobelia it will again be festooned with violas.
Now to find some old wash tubs, you know the square shaped ones that had a stand.
I did find new ones, you can even get a clothes wringer to go with it.
Probably not a bad idea if we had some kind of disaster where we had no electricity, at least we could have clean clothes.
Other than working in the garden I have been painting away…I will share what I have been painting next time.
Ta ta…Until next time.

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