Sunday, January 5, 2014

Flower Patch Rose Parade

Even though we have not had a winter to speak of, I am done with the drab look of my garden.
I am sure many Easterners who are being bombarded with icy cold winter are also just plain tired of it.

Abraham Darby7
So for all of you that are missing the pleasures of warmer weather, this one is for you.
Grab a hot beverage of choice, sit back and enjoy my very own Rose Parade.

Anne Boelyn7 
This is a long post, many, many photos to share and I did not include all of my roses!
Candy Stripe7

With an impending drought this summer I am begging my husband to help me put in a grey water system.
Just to keep them all alive, most of the other flowers I grow are all drought tolerant and will be fine, but my precious roses need their water.

Cecile Brunner7
The Cecile Brunner literally covers my chicken house now.  I have to keep trimming it so I can get in the door. 
Crown Princess Margareta7
Some I will need to move and I should do that soon while they are dormant.
Dream Weaver7
Doesn’t these beauties just brighten your day?
Golden Celebration7
This beautiful Golden Celebration is like a chameleon, one day it is bright yellow and the next a bloom can be more apricot.
Graham Thomas7
Graham Thomas was my very first David Austin English rose, it did so well here and I love it so much that I bought nothing but DAEnglsh roses for a long time.
Grandpa Nute7
This crimson red rose was dug up from beside the well house of my grandparents home when we sold it.  My husband broke a couple shovels getting it out of that black adobe dirt but here it is, thriving and gorgeous all summer long. 
Happy Chappy7
This is a fun little ground cover rose with varying colors of single blooms.
Kiss of Desire7
One of my new ones, a hearty climber that will climb 12 feet and more.  I need to find a good spot for it yet, it is still in a pot on my back deck.
Mardi Gras7
The only tree rose I own.  I picked this up at a year end sale at Wal-Mart,  the best $6 I spent that day.
Peace rose produces the fatest, fluffiest blooms.  It is planted in a bad spot and it still performs.
Petal Pusher7
Petal Pusher is one of my favorites, it is covered with these luscious pink blooms from the start of summer and it is the last one blooming in Fall.
Portlandia is another hearty climber. 
Princess Diana7
Depending on the brightness of the sun the blooms of Princess Diana deepen. 
Queen Elizabeth7
This is one tough old girl, always very stately. 
And that is the end of our rose parade today.  I have many others that I will share another time. 
Enjoy your Sunday! 


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