Sunday, December 8, 2013

Yummy Quick and Easy Cheese Danish

The predicted snow storm produced a good 16 inches or more of fluffy white stuff.  
It snowed off and on all day yesterday. 
I painted a good portion of the day away in my cozy studio.
After I defrosted the chicken’s water and spreading a good thick layer of straw over the snow that had drifted into their pen.
They do not like walking on that cold white stuff and were all huddled in their chicken house not daring to stick a toe out, even to get to their food.
It is a tiny chicken house meant only for sleeping in and the pen has a roof but the snow blew in the side and covered the ground.
Normally I have a big sheet of clear plastic covering one side to prevent the snow coming in but I am slow about getting to that this year.
They were content with the fresh straw to walk on and laid 6 eggs.
I collected 4 eggs right after getting the straw situation sorted out and forgot to check for anymore later. 
They laid 2 more eggs but with the low overnight temps they froze solid.
I will be more diligent about collecting the eggs before dark today.

Yesterdays post on waffles was a big hit and was pinned like crazy.  I guess a lot of people want to know how to make waffles.

This morning I wanted to try something new.
When I came across the recipe at one of my favorite cooking blogs, Country Cleaver, I had to print it out and have it ready to roll, just for such a day as this.
A stay at home day.
cheese danish17label

Quick and Easy Cheese Danish Recipe

When she says Quick and Easy, it really is.  I had to adjust the recipe cooking time for our higher elevation but that was all. 
I scattered fresh blueberries on mine and it added just the right touch.
My husband thoroughly approved as he wolfed down a couple….
after a morning of shoveling out our vehicles.
They are as tasty as they look.

cheese danish 27

In the recipe ingredients it calls for an egg and water for an egg wash but the directions did not say where or when to use it so I just skipped that part.
I don’t miss it a bit.
  cheese danish 37

It is a good thing I will have tons of vacation cabins to clean after this coming week.
I will need the workout after this spell of baking. 
I think my studio has probably heated up enough to work in, time to head out and get some more signs done.
I am getting close to finishing up the special order signs people wanted as gifts. 

Happy Baking everyone! 


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