Thursday, April 11, 2013

Propagating Geraniums or Cloning


With life being what it is lately…as in rather all over the place, I failed to start my pelargonium seeds (aka: zonal geraniums).   So what is a flower lovin gal to do??


Clone what you have…mine are all non-patented from seed so no infringement here.

 The benefit of cloning is you get the exact same plant as the one you love where seeds may have cross pollinated and you never know what a seedling will look like. 
First you start with a nice healthy plant.  I overwintered some of mine in my studio and upper bedroom window. 

Take a cutting from a fresh green branch just below a leaf node. Cut with something clean and very sharp, like a razor or xacto knife. 

See, fresh green branch.


Old crusty branch…this is not what you want..


Make sure you have some potting mix ready to load up your freshly washed and sterilized little pots with.  My mix is half potting soil (Ace brand) and perlite. 


These are 3 inch pots, you can use smaller or even the Jiffy pellets work well, I have heard though I have not tried them personally.

These have all been washed in hot soapy water with a touch of bleach, then rinsed well and air dried.


The cutting should be about 4 or 5 inches long and leave two healthy leaves on them.  When you put the stem into the dirt make sure two leaf nodes are covered by the soil mix.


Water well and press the soil firmly around the cutting.


Put a clear lid on your tray to maintain moisture and keep at a moderate temperature and in bright light.  I have mine in the greenhouse but you can put them under lights in the house as well.

You can also tent clear plastic sheeting over the top, just be sure to prop it up away from the cuttings.  You do want air circulation so don’t seal it.  My domes have little holes in the top for air.

Here is my petunia cuttings done the same way under their clear dome roof under grow lights in my dining room.

Hopefully they are putting down nice strong roots and will grow, and grow.  I will fill my hanging planters and my house will be festooned with lovely bright petunias and pelargoniums all summer long.


And here is my latest work in progress…she will be lovely as can be once I am done. 


Come back to see her all gussied up. So now, I am off to paint signs in the studio, I have quite a few orders to fulfill and need to get to work!

Until next time, I wish you sunny skies and mild temps.

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  1. Super cool...potting bench? Can't wait to see the finished project!


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