Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Garden in April 2013

No snow blanketing my little patch of dirt this year in April and lovely mild weather to enjoy.  Sigh, though I have had little time to spend in the garden so far, what time I have had I have enjoyed to the full. 

I am going to try to photograph my front garden at the beginning of each month.  A sort of photo journal of its transformation through the season.


It is still rather barren looking but the tulips will soon be blooming in vibrant red then they will be followed by the Iris and then there will be an explosion of color as the roses, delphiniums, lilies and oh so many others vie for attention.
That usually is about the first of July.

The ski resort should be closing soon and work on the mountain will slow so I am assuming I will have more time at home.  For a bit anyways.
This past week I have spent time in the greenhouse propagating petunias, and geraniums.  I will share that soon too.

So here is what is happily growing this week.  This little patch of Canterbury Bells will get separated, some transplanted to other spots in the garden or potted up. 


Baby Blue Eyes Forget Me Nots, these little guys have been reseeding themselves too and I will transplant some to the side yard.  Right not it is cool enough that they will suffer little shock.


I cannot remember which Clematis this is, I will have to photograph it in bloom and keep a record. 


These Hyacinths are a bright splash and the scent follows you as to walk up the path.


Another just a shade different but just as bright.


The Muscari provide a refreshing contrast in blue.


I was so focused on capturing a clear shot of this daffodil that I completely overlooked it has friends visiting. It is looking a little weather beaten, it has endured a couple of pounding rains this past week.


My stacked buckets planter with violas.   The background is distracting and one of my main goals this season is to block that view of our crowded and cluttered driveway.  I have a few ideas and will implement them soon, I hope.  (click on photo to view the making of this)


I planted a couple six packs of these lovely Pansies in the barrels by my front porch.  They will fill in nicely and do quite well for most of the summer, the barrels only get morning sun so the heat of summer will have little effect on these beauties.


I have also been working on sprucing up around my studio.  I will share more on that soon… I have to run and get my husband at the airport.  He has spent the week in Texas working on finishing up a machine he helped design. 

I have missed him.  There was no one here to have my dinner waiting for me as I returned home from a hard day scrubbing vacation homes, nor anyone doing laundry. 

Sneaky stuff, it piles up and you run out of essentials.  I am so accustomed to him having it done that I was baffled as to why I had no ‘unmentionables’ in my drawer just waiting for me.  I had to do laundry yesterday. Smile

I will be back with more to share…



  1. Just gorgeous - and I love love love your home!!!
    Looks like the perfect setting

  2. What a lovely home you have, thanks for sharing your garden ideas.
    I hope you don't mind but I just had to pin your stacked bucket planters x

  3. new follower, love those buckets with the pansies....PINNING


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