Thursday, February 14, 2013

February and the Flu

We had a lovely trip to Disneyland with the nephews.  They got to meet Lightening and Mater


Sorry for the pitiful phone photos, I was not into hauling my fancy, dancy camera this trip.


It went by too quickly and even worse we came home with a nasty flu.

If this is the flu that has been killing people I can certainly understand why.  It is one mean bug and you are so miserable.  What I can’t believe is how long it hangs on, it started about a week ago and I am still too sick to do much of anything.    And to top it all off I get Pink Eye.  I look like something from a monster movie with my blood red eyes. 

One day I did feel a bit better and worked on some tax preparation for our personal and business taxes then the next day I was so sick again that my husband hauls my fanny to the clinic.(I got up that morning with a 101 fever and my eyes glued shut)  They prescribed some heavy duty cough syrup /antihistamine that makes me so woozy I am not allowed to drive and can barely walk, that stuff along with a nasal spray has helped a lot with the congestion so I can at least sleep a bit and of course the drops to clear up my eyes.  

The day I felt halfway decent I got all accounts, business and personal lined up, reports printed and the information is all ready to be loaded into a tax prep program and hopefully I will feel well enough today to start working on that.  This sitting around is getting to me, I am not used to being idle and it feels like this entire week has been wasted, which it has. 

 My husband has it too but he has not been as sick, so far and I do hope he did not over do yesterday. 

This is so frustrating, I had planned on getting my plant racks all set up with the lights in my dining area and my seeds started this week, I had put it off after our trip so I did not have to worry about  being gone. 


I have spent some time shopping for seeds of things I would like to start.

There is a group of double hollyhocks called Maid of Honour that look gorgeous together


and some dwarf varieties that grow a mere 36 inches tall called Queeny



Some of my new roses arrived yesterday, much to my surprise, the site claimed they were only shipping to Zone 10 at this time and we are definitely not that but the weather has been extremely mild so they must’ve figured it was safe to send them. I need to get those potted up.  So much I want to do and not a lick of oomph to get to it yet.  Sigh.

I have a few special order signs I need to get finished too. 

I am going to think positive and declare that today I will feel much better and I will improve dramatically over the next few days and this flu bug will just be a horrid memory. 

Glad you could join me today in my whine fest.  I deserve a pity party and I threw myself one!


Adios Amigos





  1. Ugh, taxes and flu in the same week, no wonder you're feeling so poorly! Those hollyhocks look beautiful, they are such a grand flower. I hope you're feeling back to normal soon - spring is on the way!


  2. I'm so sorry you've been ill. My mom and brother are getting over that disgusting bug but it's taking its sweet time about departing. You're amazing to have completed taxes when the bug was capturing your energy. I hope you're well and getting your garden growing, well, immediately would be good, wouldn't it!

  3. I hope you are feeling better. It has also been in my household for the last month. I didn't have it as bad but it still wore me out. My taxes are simple compared to yours and, in fact, since I didn't have any earned income, I am not required to file. It feels so good. Have a great weekend.


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