Monday, January 21, 2013

Personalized Wedding or Anniversary Sign

Good Monday morning.  It has been a week filled with vacation condo and home cleaning.  An associate at work fell and hurt herself and since I was available I was asked to fill in and complete her list of cleans.  So my week off was not to be. But that is okay.  Here is a photo my husband took of me leaving a clean.  Yes, we snowmobile into the vacation homes.  It is actually quite fun if it is not too freezing cold. 

I am actually under all those layers. My little sled on back holds my cleaning equipment and supplies.  I am new at snowmobiling so I drive like a little old lady but I get there and back in one piece. 


In between running up the mountain to work I have been painting up special order signs.  My new website must be getting the traffic even though I have yet to advertise (on my list of things to do soon) or start the blog attached to it which is supposed to increase traffic as well. 

This sign is actually a gift for a friend (don’t look Lisa) and her husband.  I need to finish varathaning it well in case it is hung outside before I give it to them yet.  It is an example of a personalized sign people can order from my website. 


Lisa likes scrolly things so I tried to find something classy but not too busy for the corners.  I can do subtle roses or other designs too if people prefer those designs.

You can tell it is hand painted and not stenciled as my numbers are a bit askew. Smile


Over the weekend I gave away some of my ladies, the pen was too full for good health of the flock and 27 chickens was too many for me so I gave away 7 of the 3 year olds.

This little lady now resides on a ranch down in the warmer climes of Vallecito free ranging to her hearts delight.  Compared to here she probably feels like she is vacationing in Florida.


Well, enough chatter from me.  I have a list full of cleans to complete and need to pack my lunch and dress for the day.  Thankfully the past few days have been quite mild on the mountain.  I sit on the deck of whatever house I am in at lunchtime to eat my lunch in the warm sunshine to soak up some rays and enjoy the beauty around me. 

Ta ta for now…enjoy your Monday!

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  1. I live in Florida and, believe me, your ride to work strikes me as unique (and fun!) Your sign is elegant!

  2. I really love that sign!! I have a friends wedding and shower in the next 2 months and although I did get a few items from ehr registries I want to make something too ... might steal this idea :)

  3. Very cute & your lettering looks great hand-done. I'm featuring your sign in the PoPP Spotlight this week. Thanks for linking up.


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