Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mad for Crochet.

For a link to the pattern just click the photo. 
I have fallen back in love with crocheting.  With all the fabulous blogs, free patterns and tutorials going on on the world wide web who could not.  Here is just a few I have come across that impressed me. 


iSleeve crochet tablet cozy


Too cute Hello kitty granny square scarf.  This one is officially on my “to do list”! 

"hooked and bound" hot pads.  I need to make myself the granny square one, I like that these have the ‘insulbrite’ thermal protective inserts in them, which protect delicate surfaces or our hands much better than just the cotton batting or yarn alone.

Vertical Stripe Crochet Scarf (Unisex)  My husband has yet to discover the added warmth of a scarf on a chill Fall or Winter day but maybe if I whipped one like this up for him he might find he can’t do without one.  Though I think he would prefer shades of blue…hmmm, a new project on my list. 

crochet african flower
Oh, crochet flower love. Definitely on my list.  
There is so much more out there but I will save that for another post.
Today I was able to spend time sewing, I did a bit of painting and now I am indulging in a bit of crochet.   I will be glad to share my projects I completed another day.

Do you want to learn to crochet?  This is a great site of step by step videos!

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  1. loin that chicken painted those? I like to paint, and dibble dabble in it when the mood/time hit me, I would like to do more...movin the hook n yarn, one of my favorite things....I'm on a brief hiatus from that at the moment, I was all in a whirlwind for a while...found you off of Deb's
    farmgirl bloghop...nice to meet you...

  2. Love the Kitty scarf! My daughter would ADORE this. Maybe that's my next crochet project! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the links. Have book marked in hopes of doing some knitting and crocheting this winter.

  4. One of my goals is to figure out crocheting so I can make some of those pretty flowers! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I to love to crochet-I tell people I can keep track of just one stitch at a time-unlike knitting! All those stitches! Beautiful scarf and flower afghan!!

  6. After looking at these beautiful photos, now I want to crochet. I've been thinking about finding a pattern for a haramaki. Maybe I could cheat and make one out of an old sweater?


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