Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A lost day.

Do you ever have one of those days when your well plotted out “to do” list for the day is sabotaged first thing in the morning?

Yep, that well describes my day.  I had great plans of getting a good portion of the office cleared out (catch all room for awhile now) and then I was to paint on some custom ordered signs I have waiting for me in my studio. I started these 3 weeks ago, too many things cropping up and eating up my time. Not one thing on that list got done.

On the up side, the electrician came today and fixed our flickering light and no outlets working in the entire living room and office problem.  It did not take long and,thankfully, cost much less than I ever thought it could.  Phew!  My budget is safe.  I was never so happy to wrap up extension cords and remove them to the garage, instead of them snaking around from one side of the house to the other. 

My hibiscus is valiantly trying to bloom, the lower leaves are already turning yellow from a couple of below 50 degree nights but it is as lovely as can be.


I thought for sure some hungry deer would make their way thru my garden and chomp it down to nothing but so far they have not nibbled on it or anything else in a few weeks. 


I had given up on getting any blooms from this cosmos.  I had tossed the seeds out rather late in the season and then when it was first ready to bloom I did have some deer browsing thru the garden one night, and the nipped off all the buds. But it is one determined plant, and I am so glad it is, I had not seen a double cosmos like this before.



The nights are definitely getting cooler, I actually had a fire going this morning to break the chill in the house, just a small one.  Then the day warmed up quite nicely to 82 degrees.  I made sure to go out and enjoy a bit of garden time, not many warm days left.

The morning glories out by the chicken pen are still greeting me with fresh unique blossoms each morning.  I sure hope to glean some seeds from these to have more next year, I just love them!


Some are purple and white then they fade into a rose color while the others are speckled and striped in blue with a rosy throat.


I  made up another batch of my oven roasted tomato sauce, I photographed it and will share that post tomorrow. At least I plan on posting it tomorrow but with the way things crop up to rob me of my time it may be a couple more days.  The point is I WILL get it done for you. 

Good night all…

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  1. Your flowers are still so beautiful! It has been so rainy here and we are supposed to get frost this weekend. I have had many days like that, but, like you said it will get done. :)
    I hope you have a great day!

  2. Oh Pamela your last lingering flowers are so beautiful !! I'm so dreading that first frost-along with the others-another month would be grand!! Good luck with a "list"--I keep trying-but life does get in the way!!

  3. I gasped when I scrolled down to your morning glories! So beautiful! I love the varigation. I've been trying to grow morning glories on my chicken house for a long time, but I think wild birds come and eat the seeds. Those "wild" morning glories all about the neighborhood are surely mine, don't you think?

  4. Your hibiscus looks very happy. Would never know that it's been shivering! And your morning glories are beautiful with the stripes! They are so invasive here, I don't dare plant any, but every time I see a morning glory in picture, I wish I could. They are such a pretty flower.

  5. Everything is beautiful and sure sounds like you are keeping busy. There is always something to throw me off track. Sometimes I just throw my hands up and go with the flow. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy


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