Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July Garden Beauty

It has been awhile since I shared my garden and not just an individual type of flower.
Life gets ahead of me sometimes.
I meant to write yesterday, I had a lot to say…
A fragrant red rose named to honor valiant people who serve(Firefighter Rose)
I wanted to tell you I will be around more…
I should be able to share more photos of the garden. A climbing rose planted next to my studio/craft cottage(Dream Weaver planted next to my Studio/Crafting Cottage)
All this rampant gorgeousness deserves an audience.
Queen Elizabeth Rose, a hardy soul.(Queen Elizabeth Rose)
I will be able to share more because I will have more time each morning to dawdle in the garden…
enjoying the fresh blooms, discovering what may have reseeded in a secret spot.
I get to visit with my garden friends who spent the night, perched upon a petal.
Bumblebee on a Purple Coneflower(Purple Coneflower & friend)
You see, because of health issues, I have been forced to quit my regular job.
Nothing too serious, but it is cause for enough concern that my husband and I decided a change was in order.
Comte de Chambord(Comte de Chambord)
I must tell you about this rose above, it is a vintage portland rose and the scent is heavenly.
I need to make cuttings and start a batch, I want a fence covered with these!

Now the decision to quit was not made lightly….
in fact the loss of that income is a matter of concern.
But now I must practice what I preach…
not long ago I posted this inspirational quote.
It bears repeating….
Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fearsand are words to live by.
So, instead of rushing off the clean a bunch of vacation homes and condos, I will work in my studio, garden and get things done around this house that really need catching up.
I will list more signs on my website, paint more for the gallery and take a break now and again throughout my day to enjoy the beautiful gifts surrounding us that make me smile.
Supersweet 100A fresh new cherry tomato…
Rose Mallow Hibiscusmy Rose Mallow / Hibiscus blooming like it has never bloomed before…
The Ladies of the Manorthe Ladies of the Manor as they greet me at the chicken pen door each morning anxiously awaiting their breakfast…Zucchetta Trombolina Zucchini my Zucchetta Trombolina Zucchini climbing the Garden Obelisk I made just for it…
Grandpa Nute rose 8and my Grandpa Nute rose greeting me at nearly every step as I ascend the back deck stairs.
I have tons of projects too that I should be able to get to.
Those I will share on another day.
Have a beautiful day and enjoy each breathtaking moment!


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  1. Best wishes on improved health Pamela...... here's to relaxing and different work around the home and gardens! Rain


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