Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Black Eyed Susan, An All American Garden Performer

Black Eyed Susan  FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com
I can’t say that I have a favorite garden flower.
But I can say that Black Eyed Susans are ‘one’ of my favorites, especially in the mid-summer garden.
It lights up the garden with bright golden flowers that fairly glow.
The colors can range from a pure yellow…
Black Eyed Susan 2 FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com.com (36 of 51)
…to an amber burnt orange
Black Eye Susan Amber13
It blooms prolifically on sturdy fuzzy stems, with leaves just as fuzzy.
Tough as nails once established it will tolerate drought and still fill in fabulously.
Some blossoms are large and spread as wide as my hand.
Black Eyed Susan 9 FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com.com (46 of 51)
Others are short and stubby but just as lovely.
Black Eyed Susan 3 www.FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com.com (38 of 51)
This self seeding perennial/biennial is so diverse and easy that typically I don’t transplant.
I just let it self seed and dig up ones that grow where I do not want. 
Black Eye Susan Double FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com.com (32 of 51)
I even have some that are double.
Black eyed Susan double www.FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com.com (1 of 1)
Others with just a blush of color at center
Black Eyed Susan 7 FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com.com (42 of 51)
and some with more color at center.
Black Eyed Susan Mix FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com.com (49 of 51)
They easily grow in the hard packed earth of the roadside and flourish.
Black Eyed Susan roadside
They blend so nicely with all the other flowers and make my garden a bright spot in the neighborhood.
Black Eyed Susans front FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com
I confess to being a lazy gardener…
all of these are volunteers in my garden.
Black Eyed Susan yellow FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com
Not a one did I deliberately plant.
You can’t ask much more from a flower than they take care of themselves and give such a stellar performance.

Black Eye Susan Amber12
Happy Gardening!


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  1. They are stunning! I wish I could get them to grow in my garden. It's probably a watering problem. I just finally gave up but it's nice to see the photos of the ones doing so well in your garden! What a nice treat for passersby!


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