Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Painting Flowers on the Stairs 2–Pansies

What a lovely few days we have had.  Lots and lots of rain here and snow on the mountain.
We need much more but maybe that storm door is open and we will be some drought relief. 
The sun was a welcome visitor yesterday afternoon despite our desperate need for more rain and snow.

I have managed to paint the second stair riser on our stairway.
After a false start…

Yes…I did…I started to paint on the wrong stair. 
I want to paint every other riser so that it won’t be too busy.  So I left that and started again.
I based in some sage type green with white and a touch of grey.
Then sketched in with a liner brush and a touch of watered down grey some circles to place my pansies.
Next I painted on the leaves.  Video of how I do these leaves: Painting a Scallop Leaf
After my leaves are dry I come in and paint my pansies. 
I chose a blue and white, yellow and burgundy, and purple and lavender to paint these pansies.
Video on painting a Pansy: Paint a Pansy 
Or a step by step Tutorial: Paint a Pansy One Stroke at a Time
Sorry for the glare, I have to use the flash to get a decent shot in our stairwell and I had already varathaned, which creates a bit of sheen.
I added some little white dot flowers and a bit of white touches to soften it up.
And there you have it, the second stair riser painted with pretty flowers. 
I am debating what to paint on the next, a bouquet of yellow roses with some lilacs?
Or some daisies with some other little flowers?
I could do a bouquet of tulips lying on their side tied up with a pretty ribbon. 
I will stew on it a bit…

Now off to the studio for a bit, I have sign orders to fulfill. 
Have a great day, wherever you may be.
It looks to be a sunny day here but the rain would be most welcome. 



  1. When I first saw the roses you painted...I said: I really like those! Now you did the pansies....I thought: I really like this even better.... Honestly, I'm not really sure...I think I really really like both of them...Oh...you're such a gifted artist! Can't wait to see the rest:)

  2. Can I just say that I love what you did on your stairs! I think that is an amazing idea as it definitely added an airy feel to your home. Thank you so much for the video tutorial as well. That will also help our friends out there who are looking to do the same. You definitely have a great handle on art and painting as those flowers look really delicate and detailed at the same time.
    Ian Henman


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