Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Wet Surprise

Our Saturday was wonderful, warm mild temps and beautiful sunshine.  Perfect weather for getting firewood.  My hubby split while I stacked or tossed in the truck.  Teamwork made it go fast.   Our haul we just brought home and left in the back of the truck.  No rain is predicted, not even hinted at so no need to cover it…

But in the mountains you can never tell..we woke up to this:


A nice soaking rain…I had left my laundry hanging on the back deck on the drying rack and some washable burlap I want to make some hand painted table runners with:


I guess a rain rinse will be special…fortunately my metal tub painting project will not be hurt by this unexpected change in weather.  We use this as our wood bin next to the woodstove, it needed some purdifying.


I have a few shots taken a few mornings ago after a soaking rain.  The mist was rather lovely.  I am still going thru my D40's for Dummies book, I am dying to get to the Manual mode but I am forcing myself to learn everything up to that point in the book. 

The neighbors house under remodel..


Our house in the mist.


Deeper in the woods. What you are missing is the scent, there is nothing as refreshing as the scent of a rain washed forest.


My favorite shot of the morning, my studio framed by the trees.


I hope to see what color this sweet pea is before either the deer eat it or we get a hard freeze.  Lovely even with just water droplets


Good Sunday Morning to you, a wet one at that!



  1. Good morning to you too. We did get unexpected rain last night here in Jackson. I woke up sometime during the night and heard it. Just a little... but this morning it smelled so good. The burned area below the house smelled like Pine Crest Lake... like campfires and pine trees. Wonderful.
    I think that Autumn is finally here.

  2. Oh no! Rain always comes when we least expect it, it seems to have an agenda all its own. :) Your photos are beautiful and I love the mist in the morning like that. The area that you live in is just gorgeous, I can almost smell the outdoors.
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. What lovely surroundings! Even mist is pretty in a treed area.


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