Sunday, April 27, 2014

Just Painting Some Custom Signs

Fishing better than therapy sign
So how do you like my Fishing sign? 
I probably would never have thought to paint a Rainbow trout if someone had not requested it.
I intend to do another for the Gallery, it will look great with the other fishing items available.
There are water color fishing flies, a fly fisherman in a creek and even a clay fish business card holder.
Oh and I can't forget the fabulous vintage fishing creels.
Somebody decorating a cabin in a fishing theme will have a great time picking out some lovely stuff.

I have a few special orders to get painted too, this is the last one I shipped out this past week.
I am glad people like my roses since I get a lot of enjoyment painting roses.

Denise's Garden sign
I think I am finished with the birds, nest and basket painting.
What do you think?
I am not impressed with the bird on the left hand side but I have worked and worked and I can't seem to get happy with him.

Even though a late snow has beat all my tulips to a pulp I did manage to get a few photos to remind me they really did get to bloom. 
They were gorgeous...
But now my fear is we will get a freeze and it will destroy all my clematis buds...
This one is just loaded, so is my peach tree, my plum tree and all my roses.  One hard freeze will ruin them all and it looks like it may happen tonight.
Then by this coming Wednesday it may reach 80 degrees.  Freaky weather.
We picked up some more straw today so I do intend to work on the straw bale raised bed sometime this week....I hope.
Until next time...


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