Sunday, October 20, 2013

Basic Painting Strokes Tutorial

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This is part of a series of painting lessons to help you learn to paint decoratively.

You can make gifts for family and friends you can be proud of, and if you wish you can sell your work at craft fairs, online with your own website and in consignment shops.

The best advice I can give is, be patient and practice, practice, practice. 

Now on with this lesson! 

Now that you have collected your supplies lets get started. (If you missed that post go Click this link SUPPLIES)

Load the Brush

First squeeze out two dime sized puddles of paint on your pallet (aka: Styrofoam plate) The puddles do not have to be close to each other. 
Dip a corner of a 12 inch flat brush into the white puddle then the opposite corner in the green.  The brush should now look somewhat like this.

(note: your brush size is relative to the size you wish your painted subject to be, I am using a 12 flat for the demo but it is not the only size to be used)

basic strokes tutorial 11



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