Thursday, December 5, 2013

Giving DecorArt Chalky Finish Paint a Try

How is everyone today?
We are enduring a bit of chilly weather but compared to many places in the country we are rather mild at lows in the 20’s and highs in the 30’s. 
Snow is on its way though and enough to make it pretty around these parts. 
Even though it is pretty, it gets in my way so I am not a big fan of it. 

I have been extremely busy with orders for signs and I have spent most of my time painting in the studio. 
That is good and bad. 
Good because orders means sales which means income.
Bad because I have things I wanted to do before now and have not had enough time to do them.
Like reorganize and redecorate the inside of the studio.  (I have plans, big plans)
It will look like this after this weekend.
Don’t you think I need to spruce it up with some outside decoration?
In summer I have roses climbing on it, but in winter it looks a bit bare and forlorn. 
The neighbor is having a big fir tree taken down, I could use fronds that are being cut off it now. 
What do you think??? 

I also have tons of pine cones I can use. 

I also need to make a winter sign/banner to go hang from the top lateral porch beam.
Add it to my ‘to do’ list.

My dining room I have started on but then with all this work that got stalled too. I do have one thing I am getting completed. 
My pedestal table.

I actually started on it this past summer. (yep, I am slow as molasses)
I painted it with MMS Milk Paint in Eulalie’s Sky and Ironstone. We both loved it….but then disaster struck…or to clarify, a rainstorm.
  I tried to protect it but it was a dilly of a storm and moisture was able to get on the table.
I had not had time to wax it.
  And this is the result.

rain on Miss Mustard seed sky
I am not sure what this is but it would not wash off and when I tried to repaint with more of the Milk paint it just seep back thru it again.
So I had to regroup and try another paint.
I resorted to DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint and one coat did the trick. 
To be truthful I have never been a fan of grey. 
It seems so bleak to me.  But I thought I would give it a try.
And I have to say that the neutral shade seems to fit in even better than the blue inside my house.
It does have a hint of blue to it.
I am not sure if that is the blue coming from beneath showing up or if this truly is a bluish grey.
I guess I will have to paint something else with it to see.
I tried to get some dining area shots of it but the light was not the best.

The lighter colors to brighten the area nicely.

Especially compared to the other table and chairs.

dining area 27

The pedestal table is not what I am going to use here but it was a good test run for the grey paint color for another table I have been considering using in the dining area. 
Next I will share a bright and warm crochet cowl I made.
Get your sunglasses, you made need them.

Until next time…enjoy yourselves and stay WARM!


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  1. Sounds like you are really busy. I like the table that you painted and it looks so nice in your dining room. Really lightens up the room.
    Don't work to hard and have a great weekend.


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